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"Let Me Be: Woman, Angry, Black" Artist Dominique Duroseau

“Let Me Be: Woman, Angry, Black” is part manifesto, part monologue as a female deciphers what it means to be a woman. As women’s activism, social movements and selfawareness continue to grow during the hightides of social media, artist Duroseau’s work will not only explore suppressed issues on questioning being a “true woman”, but also identity issues of culture, race and racism. 

Through mixed media she will divulge what was once private, her anger and pain; she will pick apart concepts from her mother’s era as well as her own timeline to come to a revelation. 

Dominique creates a series of narratives which document and demonstrate the Black culture’s constant striving within today’s society, taking into account language, culture, social issues and injustice, depicting the contemporary struggles with indifference, coded vernacular, and entrenched economic dispositions.Through audiovisual performance, printmaking, installations and sculpture favoring repurposed or found objects (clean trash), she transforms social dilemmas into abstracted semiotic imagery which reflects upon the long growing list of issues, distilling them into art. Through her multimedia approach, she has translated her observations, research and personal experiences into series of works which are conceptual while representational, structured yet abstract.