Data Bending Workshop | Saturday, January 14th 3 PM - 6 PM


Data Bending Workshop | Saturday, January 14th 3 PM - 6 PM


Data Bending Workshop with new media artist +printmaker, 
Lulu Cipher
When: Saturday, January 14th 3 PM - 6 PM
Where: LIPS inside The Gateway Project Spaces
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Cost: $20


Databending is the process: through databending a media file’s format is distorted and a glitch is born. This databending workshop will be lead by new media artist +printmaker Lulu Cipher, who regularly employs databending as a technique in both visual and sound works.

Featured everywhere from textile patterns to VFX in popular science fiction series to populist digital manifestos, glitch art is both a motif and movement familiar to most people today. A glitch is a defect, a malfunction. It is lossy and unintended; glitches betray the irrational and generative undercurrent in our torrential streaming age of intelligent machines. Making glitches is alchemy. 

Students will learn multiple processes such as the incorrect editing of files via text and hexadecimal editors and the reinterpretation of files from one medium to another (such as image to sound and the inverse), as well as how different formats produce different effects. Participants are advised to bring a computer to work on if possible, and to download the program Audacity(freeware, available on all operating systems and well-vetted). Instructional materials will be provided as well.

Contact # (973) 370-2597

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